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Hur vet du vilket rehabprogram passar din patient?

Med ACTiveAssessment, kan du triagera och göra en snabb bedömning tillsammans med din patient som direkt informerar er båda om vilken typ av rehab behövs. 

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Videoserie: Kelly Wilson & Graciela Rovner

about ACT & Behavioral Medicine

Kelly Wilson, co-founder of ACT and Graciela Rovner, founder of ACTiveRehab, the ACT application for Behavioral Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine exchange novel ideas….

Steven Hayes, co-founder of ACT

We had a fantastic workshop the day the ACT INSTITUTET own center started construction.PastedGraphic-4

Read this wonderful intervju with him from April 2017 ‘Why can’t we speak to the deepest issues of meaning, love and loss?

From research to clinical innovations

ACTiveRehab model, a simple but sofisticated evidence based assessment taxonomy: a functional analysis adapted for each one on the rehab-team  (as MD, PT, OT and Psych)… next step is a structured framwork to discuss the patient and identify the specific therapeutic processes (and dosage) needed…

ACTiveRehab: ACT for the pain rehab team in group-settings


SWEDEN: ACTiveRehab steg I: ACT principer för rehabteamet och för designa anpassade grupp-baserade rehabprogram. 15-16/9 och 13-14/10 i GÖTEBORG

SWITZERLAND, Winterthur: ACTiveRehab: ACT principles for the inter-professional rehab-team, how to design group-based rehabprograms to meet our patient’s differential need and responsiveness to rehab. 2 days: 1-2 Nov 2018

DANMARK: ACBS Nordic Conference (soon more info) 

ACTiveRehab on TV

Interview with a patient that had severe and chronic pain many years. She, herself a skeptical radiologist, that underwent ACTiveRehab intensive program, a one week, 3 hours per day in a group-format. Listen to her story (in Swedish):

“The ‘monster’ that was rubbing me in the neck, and with whom I fought all these years, now is not stopping me from doing what I love” Nelly said. The rapporter asked: -“Ah, it is gone?”. Oh, no but now it follows with me in a leash to the cinema 😀 “

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