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ACTivePhysio Level I

ACTivePhysio is the implementation model for physiotherapists working with ACT. It has three steps: 1) the assessment algorithm ACTiveAssessment, to understand the rehabilitation needs of the patient in ACT terms, 2) the guide for the rehabilitation plan, level and dosage for each patient or patient group and 3) ACTiveBODY, the complete guide to adapt and ‘enBODY’ the physio-interventions to each of the ACT processes.

Components:  Functional analysis, Experiential exercises, Didactic presentation, Case presentation, Role play, Design of rehabilitation plan for the own professior alternativelly roll play a inter-professional team understanding how each profession contribute to the ACTiveRehab process.




  1. the three main domains and processes that underlie ACTivePhysio and ACTiveRehab
  2. the connection between the therapeutic contract and the therapeutic relationship
  3. four ways of reading and responding to mindfulness processes as they show up in session
  4. four ways of reading and responding to values & commitment processes as they show up in session
  5. four ways of reading and responding to acceptance processes as they show up in session
  6. the essential features of behavioral activation as conducted in an ACT-therapeutic context


  1. Define the four essential characteristics of the therapeutic relationship
  2. State the three essential functions of the ACT clinician in a therapy session
  3. Demonstrate ways to detect presence or its lack during a session

Graciela Rovner PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine. 
she is the first and only physiotherapist that is recognized ACT trainer in the world.
“A trainer is not only someone that can ACT, not only someone that can train others, it is a person that contribute with the development of the Contextual Behavioras Sciences and to the ACBS community with the aim to decrease suffering in our world” ” My main commitment is the development of a comprehensive model that is totaly coherent with ACT, but that can be implemented by the medical professions and for the team work, this model is called ACTiveRehab and is evidence based”


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Physiotherapists working with patients that suffer of chronic-longlasting conditions (pain, stress, obesity, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, etc) and that are new to ACTiveRehab.