The power of imperfection


Ph. D. in Rehabilitation Medicine

As I run early mornings to take my cold bath immersion in the sea, sometimes I listen to inspirational books.

Listening to the Spirituality of imperfection by David Drummond & Katherine Ketcham I found amazing ways to explain and better understand the importance of showing our common humanity as therapists…

With imperfect others, we are more receptive and courageous to open up to our own vulnerability, the first step in a changing process…


“I’m Not All-Right, and You’re Not All-Right,
But That’s Okay—THAT’S All-Right”


“But through the centuries a recurring spiritual theme has emerged, one that is more sensitive to earthly concerns than to heavenly hopes. This spirituality—the spirituality of imperfection—is thousands of years old. And yet it is timeless, eternal, and ongoing, for it is concerned with what in the human being is irrevocable and immutable: the essential imperfection, the basic and inherent flaws of being human. Errors, of course, are part of the game. They are part of our truth as human beings. To deny our errors is to deny ourself, for to be human is to be imperfect, somehow error-prone. To be human is to ask unanswerable questions, but to persist in asking them, to be broken and ache for wholeness, to hurt and to try to find a way to healing through the hurt.”


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